Social Media Growth in the Time of COVID for Nature’s One
Social Media Growth in the Time of COVID for Nature’s One

Social Media Growth in the Time of COVID for Nature’s One

Published February 3, 2021 in Client Story
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January 5, 2021
COVID’s Great Acceleration Calls for Renewed Fraud and Consumer Abuse Vigilance
March 1, 2021


Nature’s One introduced Baby’s Only Organic, the first organic toddler formula made in  the United States in 1999.  The company has grown to include a line of USDA Organic Certified formulas, supplemental nutrition products, and along with diapers and baby wipes. 


In early 2020, SARS-CoV-2 (also known as novel coronavirus) hit the United States economy hard. Like many businesses across the country, Nature’s One found it necessary to adjust their business and communications processes.  

As Nature’s One saw a significant increase in demand for their organic  baby formula during the peak of the pandemic, they quickly saw their goals change. This increase affected their supply chain, which meant that the focus for their social media accounts needed to shift from product promotion to audience maintenance and growth.


The Classy Llama digital marketing team developed a customized strategy to help Nature’s One maintain, and even grow, their audience during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our strategy for Nature’s One included:

Sharing meal and menu recommendations for families

Because many families with young children were confined to their homes, we anticipated that there would be increased demand for new family-friendly recipes, snacks, and meal ideas.  We shared both Nature’s One created recipes and curated meal-focused content from other like-minded accounts.

Highlighting available natural cleaning products

Because there was a significant shortage of cleaning supplies on the market, we prioritized promotion for the natural cleaning product range for which Nature’s One is a distributor. Note: While these products were not disinfectant products, the shortage of clearing products on the market made even non-disinfectants hard to come by.

Focusing promotion on nutrition products with significant inventory

While many of Nature’s One’s nutrition products saw a significant reduction in availability, some maintained steady inventory.  We focused our promotional efforts on these products by sharing blog posts and recipes featuring the products still in stock.  

Using humorous content to engage audiences

Though the COVID pandemic is a serious topic, many parents were looking to social media for comic relief.  As part of our strategy, we included a significant amount of original and curated humorous content and invited followers to engage by answering poll questions or sharing stories. 


To determine whether we had achieved the goal of maintaining and/or growing Nature’s One’s organic social media reach, we measured reach on both Instagram and Facebook from March 26 (when we created and began implementing our pandemic-related strategy) to May 9. We compared this six weeks to the time period from February 9 to March 25. 

Over the course of 6 weeks, Nature’s One organic social media accounts saw a 23.82% increase in reach, and saw peak numbers of engagements and shares.  This growth demonstrates that, even while Nature’s One was unable to promote many of its core products using social media, we were able to help them stay connected to their audience and reach new potential customers.


Increase in Customer Reach

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