Mr Beams Magento 1 to BigCommerce Migration
Mr Beams Magento 1 to BigCommerce Migration

Mr Beams Magento 1 to BigCommerce Migration

Published May 21, 2020 in Client Story
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We’ve all been frustrated by a dimly lit pantry or closet and struggled with battery powered lights that weren’t bright enough, drained batteries too quickly, or were difficult to install. Mr Beams’ collection of wireless lighting designs help shoppers illuminate even the trickiest spaces without power or special tools.

After supporting their Magento 1 site for over five years, Classy Llama helped Mr Beams evaluate options for upgrading their site before M1 end-of-life. The Mr Beams marketing team wanted to manage content and build landing pages without a developer. They were also attracted to using a solution that would remove their need for security patches and hosting fees. Additionally, they’d need support connecting their new eCommerce site to Netsuite, their ERP.

As Classy Llama’s solutions architects learned more about their needs, they suggested BigCommerce. A thorough review showed that BigCommerce would not only meet their technical requirements, but would also give them more flexibility to manage their site on their own. 

Mr Beams had a vision for an improved site experience that helped their shoppers find the right product for the job and all the information needed to successfully install it. This meant making changes to their site’s navigation and product listing pages. 

The Classy Llama team created a template with Shogun drag and drop site builder for product listing pages. Now the Mr Beams team can add product video, product specifications, and installation instructions in an attractive layout. Better yet, the Mr Beams teams can design these new product pages without code, saving them time and money.

“We had such a great experience working with Classy Llama on this site migration! Personally, I’ve never gone through a smoother project. We came in on time, on budget, and without any surprises during the process. The Classy Llama team really listened to what we needed from the new site and worked with us to create smart solutions, and we’re thrilled with the final product!”

Jamie Shearer
Content Manager

The team at Mr Beams has loved the easy to use interface of BigCommerce and they’re happy to worry less about security issues, since patches and updates happen automatically without the need for a developer.

Not only was the site easier to manage, it was also converting better. Mr Beams’ improved navigation and product pages were helping site visitors find the perfect product and make a purchase. Since launching their new site, conversion rate has been 70% higher!  

Another perk of their new platform was mobile experience. On mobile devices, they saw improvements to their bounce rate and pages per session. Even better, transactions increased 45%, revenue increased 68.85% and conversion rate increased 102%.

Finally, their connection integration was made easy by using Celigo’s platform. While a custom integration might have taken over 100 hours of work, configuring Celigo took less than 20 hours and has reliable and easy to adjust.


Increase in Mobile Revenue


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Mobile Conversion Rate

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