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After years of developing complex eCommerce solutions for some of the largest automotive merchants online, our team developed a set of tools that can be used in the automotive space to help drive improved customer experience and revenue.

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The Fitment Extension

Classy Llama developed the Fitment Extension to help your customers find the right part quickly and easily. With our Fitment Extension, your customers can shop confidently knowing the parts they find will fit properly the first time.

Infinite Flexibility

The Fitment extension can be customized to fit your business need. Need a standard Year/Make/Model configuration? No problem. Need something custom—like a range of Years or specific Body Styles? Our fitment extension can handle that too.

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A Virtual Garage for Future Purchases

The Virtual Garage feature gives the customer the ability to save vehicles to their account on your website. Using a stored vehicle while shopping allows the customer to browse products with the proper fitment filters applied. And when repeat customers return to your website, the Virtual Garage feature will remember their vehicle so they can get back to shopping for the right parts quicker.

VIN Lookup

Do I have a 2007 Honda Element EX or LX? Questions like this are common in the automotive industry. Picking the wrong model can lead to incorrect purchases. With VIN Lookup customers can be confident they are shopping for the right parts for the right vehicle or machine.

Interactive Parts List and Schematics

When a customer needs a part for a specific section of a vehicle, they’re not always sure what the part is called. It can be easier for them to select the part from a schematic of that section of the vehicle. Classy Llama’s Interactive Parts List and Schematics extension provides the foundation for building this kind of experience.

Model Specific Schematics

At the foundation of the Interactive Parts List and Schematics extension is the concept of a “Model”. This could be an entire vehicle (1973-87 GMC Truck) or it could be a specific part of a vehicle (2017 Chevy Corvette Alternator Assembly). Models can either stand on their own, or they can be grouped together with similar models.

Full Parts List

At the bottom of each Model page, customers will be able to see a list of all parts, in case they know exactly what Part # they’re looking for.

Interactive Diagram

When a user chooses a model but needs help locating the right part, they can select hotspots on the model’s schematic that will display a list of related parts for that hotspot. Customers can add parts to their cart and proceed to checkout directly from this list of related parts.

Schematics Data Management

The schematics that are used in the Interactive Parts List and Schematics extension can be manually created from PDFs using our admin interface, or they can be pulled from an API/database, as long as the “hotspot” data is already mapped for each schematic.