Automotive eCommerce and Fitment

Online Automotive Sales are on the Rise

Since 2013, online automotive sales have seen a revenue increase of 13% on average year-over-year. In order to thrive in this competitive landscape, it’s important to provide a user-friendly shopping experience that helps customers quickly find the parts they’re looking for.

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Automotive eCommerce Features from Experts

Classy Llama has built numerous Automotive eCommerce sites including a recent project which involved an OEM parts site selling 2M+ parts and 158M+ Parts Applications for 27 different manufacturers. Our experienced team has in-turn developed a set of tools that can easily be used in the automotive space to help drive improved customer experience and revenue.

We have invested in a set of internal extensions that can be used to rapidly build an automotive eCommerce site including:

  • Fitment - Allow customers to find parts by year/make/model/etc
  • Interactive Parts List - Allow customers to find parts by clicking on schematics

Fitment Features
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When a customer is looking for an automotive part, they are typically looking for a vehicle specific part (for example, a 2017 Chevy Corvette). Our Fitment extension lets users easily find parts by selecting their Year, Make, and Model to end up on a page that shows parts specifically related to that vehicle.

Automatic Filters with “Sticky” Fitment Layered Navigation

Incorporating smart components on a site to help automatically filter a customer’s view can be of significant help in the automotive space. For example, if a customer views a product category and selects a Ford make and F-150 model, the navigation should automatically filter by this make and model when they navigate to other product categories. Classy Llama has delivered this experience with a “sticky” fitment layered navigation for many of our automotive clients.

Infinite Flexibility

The Fitment extension can be customized to fit your business need. Need a standard Year/Make/Model configuration? No problem. Need something custom—like a range of Years or specific Body Styles? Our fitment extension can handle that too.

Fitment Product Management Tools for Merchants

Ongoing management of new products inside of a complex fitment database structure can be taxing. In the Classy Llama fitment module, this process is simplified with thoughtful design regarding product imports. With appropriate fitment categories already in place, a merchant can import fitment entities and their association to products in a single CSV file.

A Virtual Garage for Future Purchases

When repeat customers return to a merchant’s site, a “garage” concept is included with the Classy Llama fitment module. Inside this virtual garage component, a customer can add and remove previously specified vehicles. Selecting a vehicle from the customer’s virtual garage allows them to easily browse products with the proper fitment filters applied.

Marketing-Friendly Fitment-Specific URLs

Segmentation and targeting are critical components of a proper marketing approach. With URLs designed to present fitment-specific products, marketing efforts are empowered to deliver customer-specific content.

With the Classy Llama fitment approach merchants can create application-targeted URLs and put them in marketing materials so that customers which click on the links are auto-associated with a given application. With category and product URLs containing this application-specific information, the content (page title, for example) can be adjusted to include specific product content for improved keyword ranking in SEO efforts.

Customers are also provided a simplified method of sharing links to these application-specific pages. When a customer has selected a specific vehicle or applied various fitment filters, links to categories will be modified to include the applied field values in an SEO-friendly manner.

If a user visits one of these URLs directly, the embedded application information is automatically associated with their session and products filter accordingly. This means that, for example, if an automotive customer selects Ford / F-150 by some means, views a category, then sends the URL to a friend or posts on a forum, the other visitors to that URL will see the same filtered product list and be auto associated with Ford / F-150.

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Interactive Parts List and Schematics
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If a customer knows they need a part for a specific section of a vehicle, but they’re not sure what the part is called, it’s often simplest for them to select the part from a schematic of that section of the vehicle. Classy Llama’s Parts List extension provides the foundation for building this kind of experience.

Model Specific Schematics

At the foundation of the Parts List is the concept of a “Model”. This could be an entire vehicle (1973-87 GMC Truck) or it could be a specific part of a vehicle (2017 Chevy Corvette Alternator Assembly). Models can either stand on their own, or they can be grouped together with similar models.

Schematics Data Management

The schematics that feed into the Parts List extension can be manually created from PDFs using our admin interface, or they can be pulled from an API/database, as long as the “hotspot” data is already mapped for each schematic.

Interactive Diagram

Once a user selects a model, they can select “hotspots” that will display the related part(s) for that hotspot. They can they add the part(s) to their cart and proceed to checkout.

Full Parts List

At the bottom of each Model page, customers will be able to see a list of all parts, in case they know exactly what Part # they’re looking for.

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