Tomáš Marčík
Tim Cook
UI/UX Designer

Tomáš brings more than a decade of technical eCommerce experience to the Classy Llama team. He’s worked with the likes of Accenture, PWC, Deloitte, and BMW. As a CTO and technical lead, he helped grow a team of 3 people to over 15, and led development on major projects across multiple countries. On one Magento project, he helped make huge performance improvements to the product list page, decreasing load time from 6 to 1.2 seconds on a catalog of 200K SKUs. His deep Magento expertise and track record with over 100 eCommerce projects makes him a valuable leader and problem solver for our clients.

More About Tomáš

Things I Love:
“Impossible” things, problem solving, family, technology (I want everything in my house to be connected to Homekit!), cars, good quality and well prepared coffee

Things I Hate:
Mess. Really, any mess. Breadcrumbs on the floor, unwashed dishes, mess in code, spiders, sticky keyboards, venomous snakes… Spiders! And wearing shoes in the house. And please do not call me “Thomas”.

Malta, South Bohemia (Czech Republic)

My wife Alexis, three step daughters, two deer (they regularly eat my bushes, so it counts, right?) and some stuffed Llamas.

Favorite quotes:
“Iacta alea est”