MeLisa Jobe
Matthew Swinney
Software Engineer
Michael Eck
Director of Finance

MeLisa has worked in the eCommerce industry for over 3 years, serving as a Magento Certified Solutions Specialist and project manager. While serving over 20 clients, MeLisa completed her degree and now serves as a project manager at Classy Llama. Balancing work full-time while pursuing her degree developed and honed MeLisa’s time management and leadership skills, preparing her for the role to serve our clients with passion.

More about MeLisa:

Things I Love:
Bad Chinese takeout (It may not be real, but my love for it is), Michael Scott, the feeling of success, my AMAZING family, and candles.

Things I Hate:
Wearing shoes without socks, chewing on popcorn, when you show someone a meme or gif and they don’t read the text but still say “I don’t get it…”, and country music.

Favorite Places:
Home, basically every inch of Ireland, East Texas, Nanny and PaPaw’s House, and on the lake with my hubby and doggos.

My Family:
I recently married my best-friend Joshua Jobe in September of 2018 and we’ve been celebrating life together ever since. He is an audio-nut (meaning: he can’t take a ride in your car without tuning your radio), but he is also the most supportive, kindest, and most loving human I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He constantly pushes me to be a better person and I’m super blessed to call him my husband.

We have two wonderful “children”, Rikku, a 2 yr old Black Labrador Retriever, and our newest addition, a Yellow Lab Puppy named Kairi. These two doggos bring us such joy and if you ever get the chance to meet me, don’t worry, I’ll show you plenty of pictures; you won’t even have to ask!

I am also really close with the rest of my family who mostly all reside in Texas.

Favorite Quote:
‘“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretsky’ – Michael Scott”’
“Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.” – General George Patton
“There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things” – Pam Beesly