Matthew Swinney
Marty Goodnight
Director of Digital Marketing
Mike Tull
Quality Assurance Analyst

Things I Love:

The RGE-G1100, the GX-9900, the GN-001. Languages, slang of particular subcultures, going deep offstage for spikes. Meat, memory protection, quiet walks with loud music.

Things I Hate:

Cilantro, Asimov’s three laws, silent failures, false dichotomies. Fingerprints on glossy black cases. The speed of light.

Favorite Places:

50’s themed burger joints, 2050 Seattle, center stage at a tournament. Anywhere 25 to 30 feet underwater. Omega Great Cave Offensive, parallel Lillipa desert. Space. Anywhere it’s about to rain.

My Family:

A mom who takes no prisoners, a dad who knows everything, and a sister who has much more power than she realizes. An eccentric collection of very close friends bound by secrets shared at 3 AM.

Favorite Quote:

“The strongest force in the universe is human will. Even atoms break under it.”

Matthew's Areas of Expertise