Kurt Theobald
Chief Executive Officer
Matt Johnson
Senior Software Engineer / Senior Systems Engineer

Mat has specialized in front-end development for the past five years, working with over 25 companies throughout that time. He is passionate about using his knowledge and skills to make a difference in the community around him. Mat proudly delivered a website that helped raise over one million dollars in less than 24 hours for non-profit organizations. He also created his own iOS game in five days to help bring awareness to ocean pollution. Mat has been recognized for his talents many times, with his work recently being nominated for site of the day on AWWWards for design.

Things I Love: Family, the outdoors, helping others, indie video games, and Magic: The Gathering

Things I Hate: Spiders and broccoli

Favorite Places: Rock Climbing Crag, At Home Office, Redwoods

My Family: Creative Wife Jes, Mustached Cat Ansel, and our Immortal Bunny Gandalf

Favorite Quote: – “Don’t Panic” – Douglas Adams