Marty Goodnight
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Marty is our Director of Digital Marketing, serving clients in the multimedia and digital sales field for over 22 years. His creative, out-of-the-box thinking has allowed him to develop innovative campaigns that bring incredible results for customers.

One of his proudest professional achievements prior to joining Classy Llama was developing a single ad campaign that was so successful his client reached their highest sales season ever, and the customer was able to purchase a new vacation home solely from the extra income earned.

More About Marty

Things I Love:

The things I love most are the experiences and memories I have with my family. Those range from memorable vacations to being stuck on the highway overnight in a snowstorm to grilling in the backyard by the pool. I’m basically Chevy Chase.

I also love the process of discovery, intelligent questions, thoughtful answers and open mindedness. I love creating and learning… and after proper reflection, I love being uncomfortable because I know growth is happening. I love growth and forward momentum.

Things I Hate:

I can’t tolerate the status quo. I hate loud, sudden noises. I also hate subtle, constant noises. I can’t stand someone’s inability or refusal to see someone else’s perspective. I frown upon bad grammar. I don’t enjoy one-sided conversations. I think actors vomiting in movies is unnecessary and the vehicle in front of me sitting on a perfectly good yellow light on a left hand turn will cause me (and my passengers) to reflect how I need to work on my patience.

Favorite Places:

My favorite place is at home with my wife, Shallina, and our kids around me. I’ve just cooked them all breakfast and they are happy and content while they laugh and tell stories. Next, I love the corner spot of our L couch where I sit close to my wife (with our dog and cat) in the evening and watch movies/documentaries and talk about our days/experiences.

My Family:

My family is blended. Some are hers, some are mine and we don’t keep track of who is whose. I have four girls and one boy (ranging form 9 – 15) and they keep us very busy. They cite me as their chief problem solver and seem to give me lots of work. We are blessed to have such close connection and memories.

Favorite Quote:

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” -Einstein

Marty's Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing