Leianna Pavon
Kurt Theobald
Chief Executive Officer
Marty Goodnight
Director of Digital Marketing

Leianna serves as a Project Management for our team. She is passionate about leading and teaching others. Prior to joining the Classy Llama team, Leianna worked as an office assistant at one of the top local private universities. She is a true creative, and has traveled across the United States masterfully performing the violin. She has also spent time interning as an English teacher in Inner Mongolia.

More About Leianna

Music is my passion and my family is my life. I love going hiking and exploring the outdoors, eating delicious food, and going to the movies! My favorite place is Andy’s Frozen Custard for ice cream dates with my husband and our Mini Australian Shepherd, Koda. If you bring me bubble tea, I’ll be your best friend for life!

Favorite Quote:

“The arts aren’t just important because they improve math scores. They’re important because they speak to parts of children’s being which are otherwise untouched.” -Sir Ken Robinson