Kourtland Simpson
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Kourtland Simpson, or Kody, as we call him, is a Search Marketing Specialist at Classy Llama. Kody brings more than six years of experience to the table and has worked with over 300 organizations. He’s helped Fortune 500 and international companies optimize their search effort and once hosted an Automotive Digital Marketing Conference at the Google office in New York City.

More About Kody

Things I love:
Golf, (although I am terrible at it). FOOTBALL SUNDAY! Riding Quads (4-wheelers in the south). Beautifully crafted & managed Google Ads Campaigns.

Things I hate:
Golf – It’s a love/hate relationship. Spiders. Mindless Facebook scrolling in public. Drivers that text. Oh and spiders.

Favorite Places:
The woods. There’s no place like home & Chicago.

My Family:
My beautiful wife of 5 and a half years, Anna. My super smart/crazy daughter Lucy & my smiley/handsome 3 month old son, Liam.

Kourtland's Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing