Kevin Kirchner
Katy Rudy
Account Director
Konstantin Filippov
Software Engineer

In the past 9 years, Kevin has combined his development abilities with a keen eye for design to help ensure the success of over 65 online merchant projects. He is well versed in key concepts regarding user-experience and has played a critical role in helping design sites with proper end-user needs in mind. As a Magento Certified Frontend Developer, Kevin serves as an internal resource for Classy Llama maintaining the organization’s online brand and presence.

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My core passion/driver is empowering people and ideas to achieve their full potential. I have the uncanny aptitude to inexhaustibly try out new options, explore possibilities or ask probing questions – so I can encourage and empower another or facilitate bringing out their potential or come alongside those who need help and be there for them.

I have found that regardless of my exact role or responsibilities, if I’m given the opportunity to work in a context with the freedom to explore various solutions for the purpose of empowering a team-mate, the agency, or a client to reach their full potential, you will see me produce amazing results on a consistent basis. It drives me to learn new tools, techniques, skillsets, and expertise.

Things I strive to increase:

  • Reconciliation, Joy, and Knowledge of Truth
  • Functionality without unnecessary complexity
  • The size of the box in which others typically try to work
  • The probability of bringing good ideas into reality
  • My collection of crazy fun soccer moves

Things I work to decrease:

  • Fears
  • Injustice
  • Hopelessness
  • Work without purpose
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