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Katy Rudy serves as an Account Manager at Classy Llama. She has a decade of experience in account and project management obtained from her previous advertising and marketing experience. She values relationships in the highest regard and acts as an ambassador to generate mutual value for clients and Classy Llama through her own efforts as well as other Account Managers.

Get to know Katy

Things I Love:

My three daughter’s giggles, traveling, hugs, being happy, cooking and cuisine, outdoor adventures, but most of all my family and being a mom.

Things I Hate:

The word hate is a no-no at my house, but I strongly dislike spiders, the feel of cotton balls, sweet mixed with my savory, grudges, negativity, and open drawers.

Favorite Places:

My dad’s cabin, the beach, my cozy bed, around a campfire, the pizzeria in Paderno Del Grappa, or where ever my family and friends may be.

My Family:

I am blessed with a hard-working husband, a loving little brown-eyed beauty, a redheaded strong-willed sweetie, and a super smiley new bundle of joy, wonderful parents, two sisters who are my best friends forever and a plethora of amazing extended family whom all have played a role in me becoming me.

Favorite Quote:

“Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I say, Rejoice.”