Joe Langford
Jeremy Turner
Senior Designer
Jonathan Hodges
Chief Operations Officer

Originally from Houston TX, I moved to Missouri in the Spring of 1988 to attend Southwest Baptist University. I loved the area so much that I eventually just couldn’t move away. My wife, Allison, and I got married January of 1993, and we live on 60 acres where we raise Scottish Highland cattle with our two dogs, Lizzy and Charlie. I also pastor a church in the town in which we live, Bolivar MO.

Things I Love:

Traveling with my wife, Allison, and spending time with her. Building things. Enjoying the beauty of nature around my home. Caring for my dogs and cattle. I love Missouri, the creeks, rivers, woods, pastures, hills, and valleys. Getting to know new people. The ever-changing landscape of technology and the professional challenges that go along with those changes. Worshiping with my closest friends/family on Sunday morning. All things sensory and beautiful. Beef. Butter. Gravy.

Things I Hate:

When good is called evil and evil is called good. Being cooped up inside for too long.

Favorite Places:

My back patio when the temps outside are perfect, or even tolerable. The driver’s seat of my car…I’m shooting for 500k miles. The pastures and woods on my farm. The couch in my den with my wife and dogs.

My Family:

My wife, Allison; two spoiled rotten dogs, Lizzy and Charlie; and 32 spoiled rotten Scottish Highland cattle, Matty, Percy, Stump, Liz, Snow, Benton… get the idea.

Favorite Quotes:

“Where no oxen are, the feeding trough is clean; but much increase comes by the strength of the ox.” ― King Solomon, Proverbs 14:4
“Good judgment is the result of experience and experience the result of bad judgment.” ― Mark Twain