Greg Goodale
Gino Nanninga
Lead Sales Consultant
Greg Johnson
Llama Sherpa

Greg serves as the Head of Sales and Marketing at Classy Llama. His background includes nearly 15 years in healthcare serving in B2B marketing management, sales enablement, and business analyst roles. With Classy Llama, Greg is responsible for overall strategy and delivery of cohesive marketing and sales efforts. He serves on the Classy Llama executive team helping to ensure proposed solutions transition appropriately to solutions and production teams at Classy Llama for successful implementation of client projects.

More about Greg

Things I Love:

I am a child of the 80’s who appreciates a good superhero movie and a pizza. My wife and I enjoy all music but are especially drawn to The Avett Brothers. I also have an affinity for all cars, trucks, and Jeeps.

My Family:

I’m married to the greatest person God ever created named Cynarra. My stepdaughter is a talented artist named Zoee. My son, Elijah, is a brilliant young man that I enjoy playing catch with at any time.

Favorite Quote:

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest until good becomes better and better becomes best.” – My Mother