Gino Nanninga
Ben Walley
Frontend Developer
Greg Johnson
Llama Sherpa

Gino is an eCommerce veteran with 22+ years spent working with over 70 online merchants and organizations. In his time with Classy Llama, Gino has worked to design appropriate solutions to merchant problems while keeping budget and timeline considerations in mind. He is a Magento Certified Solutions Specialist who combines his knowledge of Magento with his business acumen and experience to deliver an ideal approach to online merchant needs. Gino has also served as a mentor to other sales and eCommerce professionals throughout his career.

Things I Love:

My Lord, my family, reading, history, Christian rock, 70s rock, 80s pop, roller coasters, thunderstorms, huge floating snowflakes, and naps.

Things I Hate:

Injustice, abuse, oppression, arrogance, and rationalization. Oh, and whining.

Favorite Places:

Hanging out at home with friends and family. Hiking and camping in the quasi-wilderness. Sit down restaurants. In my man cave playing X-Box One online.

My Family:

My sweet wife Karen who has put up with me for almost 40 years. My son Christopher, his wife Katie, their three daughters Charlotte, Norah and Ivy (sweetest girls in the world; I may be a little biased). My son Zachary and his wife Izzey, who stay busy with their farm dogs, cats, and horses and mid 20th Century vintage tractor. I am truly blessed.

Favorite Quote:

“In Essentials, Unity; in Non-essentials, Liberty; in All Things, Charity.” – Marco Antonio de Dominis