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Francois is a digital marketing professional holding certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics. He has worked alongside various Classy Llama clients to drive successful marketing campaigns and increase their return on investment for marketing initiatives. Francois was instrumental in achieving record-breaking profit months for a client over critical shopping dates and is working to finalize certifications in additional Google AdWords specialties.

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Things I Love:

Traveling with my wife, cooking, going on hikes/walks, nature and urban photography, art, and learning new skills.

Things I Hate:

BEES! I love their honey and I do not kill them, but I will flip the table and run away if one gets too close! I also hate people using social media to unleash their unfiltered hatred.

Favorite Places:

France (Europe in general) & being outdoors.


I have had the honor to be married to my beautiful wife Paige for over three years.

Favorite Quote:

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

Francois's Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing
Francois's Blog Posts
May 11, 2018

Impact on Ad Rank and SERP’ real estate

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