Erik Hansen
Eric Wiese
Lead Engineer
Francois Muller
Marketing Technologist

Erik Hansen has been involved in Magento development since Magento’s first release in 2008. He is passionate about the Magento ecosystem: he’s helped write a Magento development book, frequently blogs about Magento best practices, has spoken at Magento conferences, and holds several Magento certifications—not to mention taking part in scores of Magento implementations over past 10 years. He’s contributed significantly to core Magento code, including building the Magento 1 RWD theme and the Magento 2 Responsive Emails (28K+ lines of code). Erik has a business/marketing background, so he brings a unique blend of technical and business experience to the projects he leads.

Erik's Blog Posts
June 22, 2016

Deploying Magento 2 Using Capistrano

This post was originally posted on David Alger’s blog. Overview This article will cover how to use the capistrano-magento2 Capistrano Gem (created by our very own […]
September 24, 2014

Custom Reports in Magento with Clean_SqlReports

Magento comes with a number of built-in reports covering areas like sales, taxes, customers, products, abandoned carts, and reviews. However many merchants have reporting needs beyond […]
June 10, 2014

Compiling Sass with Phpstorm

When we built the new Magento responsive theme, we decided to use Sass as the CSS pre-processor and Compass as the compiler (technically known as a […]
Erik's Recommendations
Rick Seavey

I’ve had the privilege to work with Erik for the past 2 ½ years, as he implemented and then helped maintain our Magento eCommerce site. Erik is very technical with the skills to lead large projects, but has strong business skills as well to help us make the best decision for the company. He is a pleasure to work with as he never gets too up or down, even when we may be pressuring him a bit.

Matt Davis

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Erik over the past year on a substantial project to consolidate several web platforms on to Magento 2. The final product consists of over 30 independent sites with 1.5M+ products, servicing both B2B and B2C markets.

While Erik’s command of the technical and organizational aspects of the project were excellent and critical to its success, his ability to uncover and understand the nuances of our business, and then deliver those technically are what makes his combination of skills unique. We greatly appreciate his attention to detail and temperament as well. He brings great energy to every meeting and planning session. It’s been a pleasure working with him and we look forward to his ongoing guidance and support.

Bill Tarbell
Bill Tarbell
Director of Innovative Solutions, Sales Enablement
at Magento

Erik has been an incredible partner with my team. He offers a unique combination of technical expertise, development, UX design and general eCommerce consulting. Erik is one of the most knowledgeable members of the Magento community with whom I’ve worked and I enthusiastically recommend him.

Julia King
Julia King
Partner Certification Program
at Avalara

Erik was an amazing resource and a very skilled engineer. His thoroughness and expertise were impressive. Having seen over 400 integrations built, his was one of the cleanest I’ve seen.

Jacey Kunka
Director of Technology

Erik shepherded us through a major initial Magento Enterprise build and complete restructuring of our eCommerce and social commerce platforms, integrating both Facebook & Instagram as sales channels. We have never worked with a developer with the strategic vision that Erik brought to our project and company. His ability to understand native company operations, automate them and create efficiencies is priceless. The sense of responsibility and integrity he brings to his work is unparalleled.

Stephen Lamb
Stephen Lamb

I had the pleasure of working with Erik on my new Magento Enterprise build. He lead my project and contributed not only to the technical aspects of the project but also the conceptual aspects. He is the person I will continue to reach out to when I want someone with experience, that I have confidence in, to solve my e-commerce challenges. Most importantly, I’ll know that it’s going to get done right if Erik is leading it.

Donald MacCormick
Donald MacCormick

Erik was the technical lead on the design, implementation, and deployment of our new Magento Enterprise web site. His attention to detail, responsiveness, technical knowledge, and domain expertise meant we deployed our website ahead of schedule and under budget.

I would recommend Erik and Classy Llama without reservation.

Piotr Kaminski
Piotr Kaminski
Senior Product Manager
at Magento

I had the opportunity to work with Erik on a project that was critical to the success of Magento and was the main-stage highlight at Magento Imagine, our largest user conference. Erik is very knowledgeable in Responsive Web Design and Magento software development, but what’s more important is that he provides pragmatic guidance and can do the right tradeoffs when limited by the software. Erik’s commitment to user satisfaction is unparalleled—he went above and beyond, working overtime to make sure the documentation and user experience were right, as well as provided post-launch help. I would definitely work with Erik on any other project.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
Senior Technical Writer
at Magento

I am a technical writer and have worked with Erik on two Magento releases. He provided developer-oriented documentation for the responsive web design features he built so I could include them in Magento product documentation.

Erik writes very well and more importantly, he is very prompt and responsive. He obviously cares about customers a great deal and has helped Magento provide excellent documentation to them. Erik’s hard work and dedication (and particularly his customer focus) set him apart in my experience with most other developers I’ve worked with.