Curtis Schrum
Chris Nanninga
Lead Engineer
Eric Wiese
Lead Engineer

Curtis has served the eCommerce space for over 3 years. In that time he has applied his development knowledge and skill to help support merchant site success. He continues to apply his knowledge in the eCommerce development space serving the needs of multiple merchants through support services.

Things I Love:

My family, The sound of Rain, Classical music, Science Fiction, Sailing, Writing, Fishing, Fighting hunger, Peace and quiet

Things I Hate:

Arguments, Days over 100 degrees, Wasted food, Seeing anyone go hungry, Cover songs, Movie remakes

Favorite Places:

Anywhere with my family, the ocean, libraries, damp waterlogged forests

My Family:

I am the lucky father of two sons, and a daughter. I have a beautiful wife who knows I’d be lost in the weeds without her, and I have the privilege of still having my mom around to grant me her wisdom

Favorite Quote:

“I believe that rules do not make us moral; loving each other makes us moral” -Adam Savage”

Curtis's Blog Posts
October 27, 2016

Utilizing XSLT with Xtento’s Order Export Magento Module

Overview Example When working with an ERP integration or another system that requires Magento data to be in a very specific format there are a couple […]