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Chris is a Lead Engineer for Classy Llama. Over his 13 year history in development, Chris has worked with and delivered solutions for 30 organizations. He has served as the chief developer for various complex site features on numerous online merchant projects. He has also managed teams of highly skilled software engineers and serves to maintain and develop Classy Llama’s extension products. Chris is a Magento Certified Developer Plus, Magento Certified Frontend Developer, Magento Certified Solutions Specialist, and a Zend Certified Engineer.

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Professionally speaking, I was a programmer for over 7 years prior to joining Classy Llama in 2011. I have 4 Magento certifications and was one of the first to complete the Magento 2 developer training. In addition to leading a team of developers on a variety of client projects, I also have chief responsibility for overseeing and maintaining a number of Classy Llama’s Magento extensions, which have a long life across numerous eCommerce sites.

Most of my personal time is spent with my lovely wife and three beautiful daughters.

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