Austin Long
Austin Hovey
Sales Development Representative
Ben Leach
Lead Sales Consultant

Austin specializes in project management with over six years of experience in the role. He’s a true innovator and passionate strategist. Prior to joining the Classy Llama team, Austin worked in various industries creating unique solutions to meet client needs. He previously developed his own tube swaging process that had never been done before, and directed a bedding project that now has a chance of becoming its own bedding category. 

More About Austin

Things I Love:

Woodworking, martial arts, camping and hiking, animals in general, and reading books

Things I Hate:

Ketchup, coffee, and icy roads.

Favorite Places:

I love to visit the mountains.

My Family:

I have a wife and 2 daughters.

Favorite Quote:

“Inveniam Viam aut Faciam” – “I will either find a way or make one” – Attributed to the Carthaginian General Hannibal