Alexey Bordachyov
Adam Prost
Director of Operations: Ongoing Services
Ashlee Colliver
Senior eCommerce Strategist

Alexey serves as a software engineer for Classy Llama. He has worked with roughly 100 organizations over his 8 year history in the eCommerce space. As a Magento Certified Developer, Alexey works closely with clients regarding their needs and how the Magento platform can be designed to deliver solutions to those needs.

More about Alexey

Things I Love:

Family, soccer, table tennis, bicycle, new technologies, investigation, development, good food, fresh air, sun

Things I Hate:

Dishonesty, monotony, gasoline vehicles, not to have enough sleep, fast food

Favorite Places:

Soccer field, sea coast, good bars, outdoors

My Family:

My wife, Maryna, and my parents

Favorite Quote:

640K ought to be enough for anybody

Alexey's Areas of Expertise

eCommerce Website DevelopmentUX/CRO