Adam Prost
Aaron Sheehan
Alexey Bordachyov
Software Engineer

As a technical lead, Adam has provided significant value to 40+ online merchant projects over his 10 year career. During this time, Adam reengineered a web-based insurance quoting system to use a single-source model reducing per build backend development time from months to days. He has also built a comprehensive insurance rating engine capable of handling numerous rate types in unlimited combinations. Currently, he continues to add value to Classy Llama client projects as a Magento Certified Frontend Developer.

Adam Prost has nine years of experience designing, developing, and marketing custom and enterprise-level web applications for the insurance, banking, and e-commerce industries. Over the last three years, he’s worked with Classy Llama to deliver Magento-compliant solutions for close to 20 different clients. He holds degrees in physics and psychology, providing a unique perspective on software design and client relationships.

Adam's Blog Posts
February 12, 2018

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July 18, 2016

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