Avalara AvaTax Magento Extension
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Avalara AvaTax Magento Extension

A less taxing way for sales tax on Magento 2

The Overview

Avalara’s AvaTax currently serves 4,000+ merchants a day and has serviced over 4 billion transactions. When they came to the Magento platform, Avalara trusted us to build the AvaTax extension. Since then, we’ve continued to make sure AvaTax is the best end-to-end sales tax program available on Magento. With the power of the AvaTax Magento 2 extension, merchants can now stay focused on growing their online business and stop worrying about sales tax.


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When we first came in contact with Avalara, they needed a development team to build a user-friendly extension for the Magento 2 platform. This way Avalara could enable users to integrate AvaTax with Magento without extensive technical knowledge.


The AvaTax Magento extension improves credential validation at checkout, sales tax estimation in the cart, and post-sale tax reporting. The combination of these improved features gives e-commerce customers a seamless and trouble-free experience. In fact, we designed the extension so almost anyone can setup AvaTax without IT support. Throughout our entire process, we focused on adding value to Avalara and the valued customers who use AvaTax.


We also wanted to ensure that the AvaTax extension would continue to be the clear choice for tax services on Magento. We continue to work with the good folks over at Avalara to provide updates to the extension, so Magento users can know their tax automation is always up-to-date and secure. To ensure the best product possible, we also provided comprehensive documentation on how to use AvaTax. This enables Magento store owners to easily setup and customizes their AvaTax extension to best fit their needs.


We have been a Magento Enterprise Partner for ten years, and we continually outgrow ourselves. Despite having performed over 400 customizations and integrations, ranking in the world’s Top 20 Magento Enterprise sales, and contributing code to Magento 2, one thing still drives us—our relationships. If you are looking for an agency to build a custom extension on Magento for you, we would love to help!
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