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Just like your business, your SEO is unique. By starting with an in-depth SEO audit, the Classy Llama Digital Marketing team learns the most effective ways to boost your rankings. We uncover technical errors, content issues, competitive comparisons, current ranking, and so much more.

Technical SEO Audit

This critical audit determines how well search engines are able to crawl your site. Two approaches are available based on your specific needs. One program addresses the intricacies of technical SEO as part of a website redesign or replatform. A second option is available for standard SEO audit needs that can be delivered at any time.

On-page Content Analysis

When it comes to SEO, quality content is a major factor in your success. The Classy Llama Digital Marketing team analyzes your general and individual page content, uncovers trouble areas, and offers solutions. We review everything from meta descriptions, keyword usage, markup errors and overall readability concerns.

Off-site Content Analysis

The Off-site Content Analysis focuses on the popularity and strength of your website as well as traffic from other sources. Search engines use this information to decide whether or not your website is trustworthy or relevant. Classy Llama will review backlinks, site traffic gains, traffic numbers compared to the competition, any use of cloaking or other forms of invisible content, and social engagement.

Competitive Analysis

In the Competitive Analysis we look at how your competition’s homepages and popular products rank on search engines compared to yours. The Classy Llama Digital Marketing team will analyze how your competitors use specific keywords and how they use semantics around these keywords. They will then compare these finding to your website to determine what opportunities exist for future optimization.

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