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Before suggesting ways to grow your business, the Classy Llama Digital Marketing Team assesses your current PPC efforts. We review active campaign types, ad copy, keywords, spend, and competitors.

Next, we analyze the return on Ad Spend (ROAS), cost-per-acquisition, performance history and trends, landing pages, and overall site performance.


Your company has unique needs. You have a distinctive position within your industry. A cookie-cutter ad campaign just won’t do. That is why the Classy Llama Digital Marketing team starts every new relationship with two valuable elements: research and active-listening.

After the data analysis we discuss your pay-per-click goals and activities to determine if your campaign should drive traffic to your website or drive revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS). From the very beginning, communication is how we drive success.


Based on the team's analysis and communication with you, the Classy Llama Digital Marketing team will present a PPC strategy specific to your company goals. Both short and long-term PPC goals will be set within this strategy.

This helps address upfront gains that can be realized from PPC efforts as well as long-term strategies that may help you move into other markets or customer segments if needed.


We know your time is valuable. Let the Classy Llama Digital Marketing team keep an eye on your key performance indicators and help you get the most from your PPC campaigns.

By using Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads UI, and Google Merchant Center daily, our experienced team has the right tools to be a proactive partner in your success.

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