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Audit and Optimization

At the beginning of any email engagement with Classy Llama, a detailed audit is completed to understand your target audience, current effort success, and ideal candidates for improvement of the email program.

Once the Classy Llama team completes the audit, email templates are optimized using the findings from the audit. Through audits and optimization, Classy Llama develops stronger email strategies that will boost revenue in both the short and long-term.

Email Program Execution

Maintaining your email presence is hard work. Classy Llama does the heavy lifting by building and sending emails for you, developing multiple strategies based on the cadence of sends, the ratio of written content and images, time of day, day of the week, subject lines, and more.

No two businesses are exactly alike. Email strategies developed for one company may not work well for another. This is why Classy Llama tests all aspects of the email campaigns created to determine what works best for your business.


Email Program Management

The Classy Llama team wants to make sure you're getting the most out your email campaigns. To do this, the Classy Llama team will monitor your email campaigns daily, analyzing what content customers engage with most on your website, social media, and within your sent emails.

The Classy Llama team also researches what your competitors are experiencing in the industry in regards to content engagement. They do all of this to ensure that your emails are optimized to reach your goals.


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