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Classy Llama is a full-service eCommerce agency of a different breed. Despite our playful name, we could not be more serious about the level of integrity, excellence, and commitment we bring to our clients. Our passion is to help merchants leverage technology to sustainably grow and build their business. Classy Llama serves our clients through eCommerce consulting, marketing, design, development, and support.

The Natural Order of Commerce (NOC)

The NOC is a simple, cohesive view of your entire eCommerce business. It acts as a focusing agent, ensuring we’re investing in the right aspects of your business to create the most value.

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eCommerce Website Development

We can help plan and develop your eCommerce website.

The Classy Llama team of certified developers have built 125+ sites and 400+ customizations and integrations. Across various industries from apparel and fashion to automotive and manufacturing, Classy Llama is a proven eCommerce website development partner. Whether you need a proven solution integrator to launch your new site, a trusted partner to lead your migration, or a retainer relationship for ongoing site needs, Classy Llama has a team that can help.

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Marketing Services

Start attracting quality customers.

Digital marketing in the eCommerce space requires the proper combination of business acumen, creativity, strategy, and technical knowledge. At Classy Llama, our team of digital marketing professionals provides the full breadth of services needed to achieve your marketing goals. As a Google Premier Partner with all five Google specializations, you have access to a team of individuals certified across multiple areas in the digital marketing arena.

Through our years of supporting online merchant success, Classy Llama has built out offerings including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, paid search management, social media strategy and execution, and marketing consultation.

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Shopping Experience

Delight your customers with an exceptional shopping experience.

Delivering the proper shopping experience requires a solid understanding of your buyer and shopper personas, their buying journey, and your value proposition. Classy Llama’s eCommerce veterans are skilled at taking these principles of your business and building strategies that will improve the User Experience (UX) and, in the end, increase conversion rates. Move your customer's experience to the next level with Classy Llama’s approach to creating a consistent brand and an ideal shopping experience.

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Equip your eCommerce business with the right systems and processes.

Ensuring a site is operating seamlessly, even through high-demand seasons, is a critical component of any company’s eCommerce success. Classy Llama’s experts on infrastructure offer the services necessary to maintain a successful online presence. Our team is skilled in delivering operations best practices and helping online merchants plan for high volume seasons and worst case scenarios.

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