Rebar stands for Rapid Ecommerce Build AcceleratoR. Classy Llama built Rebar to speed up the development of custom implementations on the Magento 2 platform. Rebar improves the usability of the core Magento 2 application and allows merchants to more effectively manage their store. Each Rebar feature is contained in a separate extension, and only relevant extensions are installed.

Rebar Features

Marketing & Content Management

Product and Content Widgets

Mega Menu

Free Shipping Promo

Easy CMS Modals

A/B Testing

Product Images in Emails

Display product images in order, shipment, invoice, and credit memo emails so your customers can have a visual reference of what they ordered.

Newsletter Subscription in Checkout

SEO Enhancements

Page Title Override

Category SEO

Usability Enhancements

Activate Minicart


Checkout Account Creation


Product/Category Enhancements

Product Badges

High Resolution Product Images

Compare Products

We have two extensions dealing with product comparison:


Subcategory Listing

Improved Layered Navigation

Product Tabs

Scrolling Product Details

Embedded Product Videos

Customer Account Management


Customer Restrictions

Returns & Exchanges

Enhanced Returns Functionality

Magento Commerce has a native Returns feature. We’ve enhanced this native functionality by adding a number of commonly requested features. Talk with a Classy Llama team member to get more details. These additional features will require some custom development and therefore there will be additional cost associated with these Rebar features.

Parts Finder

The Rebar Parts Finder allows users to find parts from an interactive parts schematic.

Frontend Experience

Backend Management of Models

Part Replacement