Partner Round-Up: Holiday Prep for eCommerce

Partner Round-Up: Holiday Prep for eCommerce

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November 8, 2019
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December 12, 2019

When it comes to preparing your eCommerce site for the holiday season, there’s no shortage of advice available. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas sales, and the post-holiday return season can easily blur into chaos and frustration.

We understand that those 4-6 weeks are crucial for merchants, and want to help you cut through the noise. We’ve sifted through the ocean of blog posts and webinars, and brought together the resources from some of the voices in eCommerce that we trust most. From email marketing to fraud prevention, we’ve got you covered.

Preparing Your Site

BigCommerce has put together a holiday readiness kit, complete with an actionable checklist and expert tips to ensure your eCommerce website is primed for holiday success. This kit covers everything from Mobile Optimization to SEO and follow-up campaigns. Be sure to check out their blog for additional holiday prep ideas. Signifyd Fraud Prevention is also hosting a free on-demand webinar with tips to optimize conversion and prevent revenue risks this season. 

Boost Your Global Sales

It goes without saying that one way to increase revenue is to increase your amount of customers. One way to add more customers is to go global and expand your market geographically. This can be intimidating, but Klevu Search has your back. Their ebook, Tis the Season to Go Global, offers tips to help your international efforts stand out from the crowd, attract visitors to your site, and convert them into loyal customers. 

Set Shipping Expectations

Nothing is more frustrating than shipping delays on a purchased product. This is amplified in the holiday season. We’ve all received the classic “note in a box” saying the gift is on its way.

ShipStation created a guide to holiday shipping deadlines to help you have accurate shipping guarantees related to the holidays. Give your users a boost of confidence, knowing their packages will arrive on time. 

Capture Your Audience

The team at Klaviyo knows that holidays are the most pivotal time of the year for most merchants. To help create and optimize your holiday strategy, head on over to their eCommerce Holiday Marketing Hub. With content covering everything from email segmentation to content planning for 2020, there’s tons of really valuable insight for you.


As the holidays raise unique concerns and challenges for merchants, one thing remains clear: this season is where the most potential and opportunity lies for most merchants. Failure to prepare your site and marketing strategy means that you could be missing out on substantial conversions and potential revenue. When you’re prepared, your customers will notice the difference, creating return customers and establishing trust.

If your holiday prep has become overwhelming, feel free to reach out. Our llamas are always happy to talk shop, and want to help you exceed all expectations. Contact us today!

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