Mr Beams SEO Case Study

Mr Beams SEO Case Study

Published July 20, 2020 in Client Story
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Mr. Beams started in 2004 with the goal of finding easier lighting solutions for areas around the home. It launched its first product line with a battery-powered wireless spotlight, step light, and ceiling light that could be installed in less than 5 minutes. Today, Mr Beams provides more than 30 different lighting solutions to increase home safety, security, and convenience. 


One of the biggest challenges for Mr Beams was the number of resellers carrying their products. Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, and many others carry and sell their lines, making the competition and ROAS for Google Ads high. The focus for them was not only to grow their online traffic but to create and establish brand recognition through a strong organic presence. 

First, Mr Beams’ website architecture needed a revamp. The pages were congested and complicated, and the overall navigation was difficult for customers to maneuver. Images, content, and CTAs needed to lead customers through a seamless process to view, learn, and purchase their products.

Second, the metadata needed an overhaul. While most of the meta titles and meta descriptions were the proper character count, they lacked relevant keywords and originality, which was causing duplicate content issues. The metadata for product pages, category pages, and main pages needed to be less generic and more specific to their subject. 

While there was organic traffic coming to the site, changes to the website architecture, metadata, and on-page content would bring an increase in search engine positions, better search results, and strong brand recognition.


Website Architecture

First, we performed a website redesign that focused on building out navigation that was more user friendly. This included a new layout for the menu bar, category pages, and product pages. Search engines take into account how easy it is to navigate from page to page on your site. You are rated based on how “User Friendly” it is for customers. The pathway for learning about Mr Beams’ products and purchasing them was made simpler.

Read more about Mr Beams’ Magento 1 to BigCommerce Migration Here

“Our website – specifically organic traffic – had been struggling for some time. But after Classy Llama worked with us on performing on-site audits, migrating to a new site, and making major updates, we’ve seen amazing improvements in our organic traffic! For the first time in several years, we’re seeing significant growth in our organic conversion rate and revenue. It is really exciting!”

Jamie Shearer
Content Manager


Second, the metadata is vital for search engines to understand what each page is about. We started with the top product pages pulled from Google Analytics and performed Single Page Content Audits. Each page audit included keyword research based on the product and then pulling the most relevant keywords with high search volume from the list. Based on the research, we updated the meta titles and meta descriptions, created new H1 and H2 headers, and removed any duplicate content that was present in the website’s metadata. Generic titles and descriptions were replaced with original content with top keywords woven in the copy.


By updating the current site architecture and the metadata, Mr Beams saw an increase in search engine position for several top keywords and outperformed the previous year specifically in organic traffic. We saw an increase in traffic, conversation, and revenue. Below are the numbers over a 5 month period from January to May 2020 vs January to May 2019 for organic traffic.


Increase in Traffic


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Revenue

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