Intermix Beats M1 End of Life with Classy Llama Accelerator
Intermix Beats M1 End of Life with Classy Llama Accelerator

Intermix Beats M1 End of Life with Classy Llama Accelerator

Published July 30, 2020 in Client Story
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After ten years on Magento 1, Intermix Beverage knew it was time to upgrade their eCommerce platform. M1 had been good to them, but its end of life loomed near, and it no longer made sense to invest in upgrades to the outdated platform. Additionally, Intermix was seeing problems with page load speed and mobile experience.

Intermix’s primary goal with their M1 to M2 migration was to achieve a stable foundation to customize over a time. Beyond that, Classy Llama saw opportunities to improve the site’s user experience through a modern responsive theme.

Intermix primarily sells B2B, so many customers used their site to re-order the same product on a recurring basis. Intermix hoped to add features that would help them showcase new products and offerings to their existing customers.

Intermix had been on Magento for a long time and had a clear sense of their requirements and the features they needed to launch with. Their project was a great fit for Classy Llama’s new M1 to M2 Accelerator. The accelerator package equipped Intermix with their choice of REBAR extensions and Classy Llama’s proprietary Automodus theme.

The Automodus theme empowers Intermix to sell more to their recurring customers with useful merchandising tools like a promo blocks carousel, featured categories section, and a featured products carousel.

Many of Intermix’s B2B feature requirements were able to be achieved with out-of-the-box tools. Intermix managed price discounts for customers with Magento’s customer groups and advanced pricing features. They chose to use Stripe for payments and Magento’s native purchase order feature for payments. Magento 2’s native integration with Vertex helped them solve sales tax calculations. Customers were given the ability to reorder product lists with an extension from BSS Commerce. Intermix chose Sonassi to host their new Magento 2 Open Source site.

With their platform upgrade, Intermix Beverage also decided to integrate their site with new software vendors. Intermix began using Klaviyo for email marketing and installed ShipperHQ to streamline their shipping rate calculations in the shopping cart.

Another key integration was with Netsuite, Intermix’s ERP. Using FarApp’s connector, customer and order data push and pull between Magento and Netsuite.

Out of the gate, Magento 2’s modern architecture and the Classy Llama Automodus theme improved Intermix’s mobile experience. Customers were shopping longer and visiting more pages on the new site. After launch, users visited 147% more pages per session and spent 2.5x more time per session.

Classy Llama’s Accelerator turned out to be a terrific fit for our migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. They have deep technical talent, and their approach strongly complimented our own team’s eCommerce experience. We’ve seen dramatic improvements in our session duration, conversion rate, and specifically mobile engagement. Our customers report a much easier to use experience; they are finding more products faster than ever before.

Matt Lichtfuss
Director of eCommerce

Intermix’s customers were now able to find what they needed and check out from their mobile devices. After launching the new site, mobile conversion rate shot up by 211% and their average mobile order value was up 19%.

The difference made by updating to Magento 2 and hosting on Sonassi was undeniable. Average page load time overall decreased by 63% and homepage load time decreased by 43%. These huge speed improvements make their site more enjoyable to navigate and will have a long-term impact on their search ranking as Google’s algorithm favors site speed and mobile experience more and more.

Intermix’s customers love the improved experience they get on the site, and the Intermix team is pleased to be on a platform that empowers them to keep growing for years to come.


increase in pages per session


increase in mobile conversion rate


decrease in overall page load time

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