Extending Magento Page Builder for Jasco

Extending Magento Page Builder for Jasco

Published March 9, 2020 in Feature Story
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February 13, 2020
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March 31, 2020

When Jasco came to Classy Llama, they were looking for a way to manage the design of eleven sites and reduce their dependence on programmers for minor changes. With the announcement of Magento's Page Builder extension, Jasco believed they had found the perfect solution. Page Builder could unblock Jasco's marketing team by allowing them to create content with drag-and-drop pre-built design blocks. The only issue was that Page Builder had not yet been launched, and there was no way of knowing whether or not it would contain all of the features Jasco needed.

Confident that Magento's new product would deliver, Jasco chose to move forward with the development of their new site. However, unsure of what would be included, Classy Llama could not plan a design around Page Builder. Instead, they began designing without it.

When Page Builder was finally launched, there were specific features that Jasco wanted that were not available out of the box. Worse yet, what Classy Llama had already designed was not fully compatible with the newly released version of Page Builder. Still, Classy Llama felt confident they could fulfill Jasco's design needs with a few customizations. By making Page Builder extendable, Magento made it possible for Classy's Llama's experienced developers to get to work and eventually deliver the exact experience Jasco was after. Instead of changing their initial designs, Classy Llama extended Page Builder to work with what had already been imagined in collaboration with Jasco.

Classy Llama developed the following reusable Page Builder design blocks:

Inline SVG

The Inline SVG feature takes full advantage of both the Multi-Store and Page Builder. It allows Jasco's marketing team to copy an SVGs code from adobe and paste it into a text field on the backend. The SVG is then displayed across all of Jasco's sites, but automatically inherits the colors of each of the unique sites.

Category Tiles

Jasco's designers can now create category tiles complete with an image, description, and title. These category tiles can link to any category page. Building a category tile is easy. The user selects a category, types in a description, and adds a photo for the background.

Product Slider

Jasco now has the option to feature products in a slider based on various conditions such as category, color, brand, and more. Jasco can use any of the product attributes that exist to display products.

Video Background

Classy Llama extended Page Builder to include video backgrounds in banners. At the time Classy Llama built this for Jasco, this feature had not yet been released. Classy Llama made it easy for Jasco's team to utilize this feature. Jasco simply adds a banner to the page they are designing, uploads a video from their computer, double-checks the preview, and saves the page.
Classy Llama was one of the first agencies to explore the vast potential of Magento Page Builder and expand its capabilities to create a great experience for a merchant. Jasco saw the potential in this new software, pushed our team to innovate, and received a unified site that's easy to manage and expand. Jasco content creators are now able to create and migrate CMS content easily and quickly without the need for developers.

"Page Builder has been a great solution for building web pages more efficiently. The tool is user-friendly and allows our digital marketing team to build high-quality, responsive web pages without any advanced coding or development support needed."
- Kearsten Chapman

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