Llama in the Sunset: David Alger
Llama in the Sunset: David Alger

Llama in the Sunset: David Alger

Published November 29, 2018 in Classy Llama
Llamas and the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative
October 17, 2018

His stature has him towering well above the other llamas that surround him at Classy Llama. And his worn, size 13 cowboy boots show he’s more than willing to dig in when you need to simply get things done!

David Alger started his time in the Magento Community with Classy Llama nearly a decade ago. Over that time he applied his passion for all things technology and his brilliance related to systems engineering and development to drive forward several Classy Llama agency practices. While he stands heads above other llamas, his imposing presence is quickly softened when you discover that behind his brilliant mind is a heart of pure gold. It is not uncommon to hear David discussing web application firewalls (WAFs) in the same conversation as a story of how he can’t stop buying stuffed elephants for his 1 year old daughter.

Over the past 10 years, David has worked alongside other foundational Classy Llama team members to establish the agency’s Magento development practices. He drove the establishment of client support to perform proper load testing, plan against downtime, and deliver critical support through highly impactful shopping seasons for Classy Llama merchants. He has also served as a Magento expert not only within Classy Llama but also in the Magento community helping write several  Magento certifications and is a Magento Master!

A New Adventure & A Tip of the Hat

After working alongside his fellow llamas for the past decade, the 6’4” cowboy is looking to new pastures. At the end of November 2018, David will move on from Classy Llama to a new herd in the eCommerce industry. His llama family will miss the daily interactions with him but his fingerprints will remain on the practices of Classy Llama for years to come!

As David walks into the sunset and onto the next chapter of his career, we tip our hat to the man who has impacted so many Magento merchants over the past decade. Here are some of the thoughts our fellow llamas wished to share about David:

“David has a brilliant technical mind and is an unparalleled software engineer, in my experience. He solved many problems for us with remarkable speed, especially in the early days of our Magento practice. The fact that such talent is paired with a willingness to learn and grow makes him a remarkable and valuable person to work alongside.” – Rob Tull, Head of Solutions

“David hit the ground running when he joined Classy Llama, completing his first Magento project under budget and without any assistance—a feat that demonstrates his brilliant technical mind. Since that time he’s trained dozens of other developers, created our development environment, built one of the foremost tools for deploying Magento 2, and established solid IT and Systems Engineering practices here at Classy Llama. If David’s around, you’re likely not going to be the smartest person in the room—which is great, as he’ll be quick to contribute his insight into any conversation. One of my favorite memories with David was going to the 2010 Magento Developer’s Paradise in Mallorca, Spain, including sprinting through the Madrid airport to catch our connecting flight.” – Erik Hansen, Co-Founder and Team Director

“Despite his brilliance in all things technical, David also showed brilliance when it came to team management. I have had the pleasure of being a member of one of those teams and I can easily say that I have never had another team leader do the things that David does so well. He empowered each individual team member based upon their unique skill sets to build a super efficient, high-functioning team. He avoided micromanagement and trusted each of us to do our jobs. He made even difficult decisions quickly and took responsibility for them. He made me feel valued and appreciated for my contributions and he was a thoughtful and trustworthy mentor. I will really miss working with him!” – Allison Duncan, Project Manager

We wish you well, David! – Your Llama family

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