Migrating from Bronto to Klaviyo? Let us help!
Migrating from Bronto to Klaviyo? Let us help!

Migrating from Bronto to Klaviyo? Let us help!

Published August 15, 2021 in Business Insights, Email Marketing, Marketing, News & Updates
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August 8, 2021
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Moving to a new marketing automation platform takes time, effort, and resources. It may be tempting to hold out so you can postpone the trouble of migrating, but waiting too long to transition could mean  losing out on sales and new customers.

If you’re dreading the idea of having to move off of Bronto and the mere idea of switching email marketing platforms has you in a state of technological inertia, Klaviyo and Classy Llama are here to help.

Here’s the truth: we want to see your company have a simple, low-stress migration from Bronto to Klaviyo. Switching platforms for something as important as email marketing can be really, really stressful. Not to mention, because of Bronto’s end of life causing the need to migrate, it’s easy to be frustrated by the feeling of having to deal with this kind of headache.

That’s why Classy Llama’s goal when shepherding a Bronto migration is to connect with you, discover your biggest stresses around the process, and make it as easy on you and your business as possible. With our combined marketing and technical experience and knowledge, we’re uniquely positioned to make sure every part of your migration journey is handled with care and all the boxes are ticked properly.

We are focused to ensure not just a successful migration, but a clear pathway for generating revenue from your email channel. As a full service eCommerce agency, you’re also backed by a world class development team giving you more peace of mind for complex technical needs.”

Karl Brown, Marketing Strategist

The biggest difference between our agency and others is our perspective: developing a relationship with you comes first, and all the work we do flows from there. That’s why we’re dedicated to working hard to create long-term success with you and Klaviyo, rather than simply putting a bandage on the problem by migrating you from Bronto and then moving on.

Our drive to help you win and make sure Klaviyo works in the best possible ways for your company is at the core of our Bronto migration work. In our work with clients, we live by this philosophy: Classy Llama only succeeds when you do.

So, let’s get started on your migration! Click below to download your free guide for migrating from Bronto, or click here to get started today

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