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Here at CLS we use skype like the plague... err... bad analogy, but we use skype a LOT! I'm also a fan of the app-launcher, Alfred. Alfred (somewhat) recently came out with the ability to create and add extensions. There has already been a flurry of Alfred extensions. So, I decided to wing it and create an Alfred extension for Skype—especially since Skype on Mac's new user interface is not super easy to find the people to want to skype quickly.

The Setup

1. You have to buy the Alfred PowerPack to upload or create any extensions. (If £12 is too much for you, you can use a much more complicated—but free—trick to Skype with Quicksilver.)

2.  Download the Skype Chat with Alfred extension.

3. Add Skype usernames to your address book contacts. Click edit, add phone number, make a custom label 'skype' and for the number, put in your skype username.


Game Time

1. Open Alfred.

2. Type "- , message" — can be a few letters of the person's name. "jose" for "Joseph", for example. It will pick the first match in your address book and look for a skype username phone entry and send "message" to them.  Complete with growl notifications.

2.a We have a Nathan and a Jonathan on our team so when I'm trying to skype Nathan, it selects Jonathan instead. So I made it where you can use first and last name when necessary. Now, "- nathan t, message" will skype Nathan. Or faster yet, "- an t, message" will find Nathan too.

2.b Awesome feature = typing "- message" will send "message" to your most recent chat. So if someone skypes you, you can reply with a "- reply here" and it will skype them back. It's nice to have growl notifications to see exactly who your message goes to. It also shows an error message if it doesn't go through for whatever reason.


Posted on September 23, 2011

Posted by Kevin Kirchner


Dan's picture

I downloaded it as the idea

I downloaded it as the idea seems to be great. However it just wouldn't work for me. Skype contacts are added to Contacts (Address book) and I tried lots of ways like "- message NAME" "- NAME", etc but none of these work.
What was the solution for the others who had the same problem?

Dan's picture

Hi I've just installed this


I've just installed this extension, but cannot seem to get it work!!

Should it still be working?

I'm running Lion and Alfred version 1.3.1


Anonymous's picture

I am trying to use it, but

I am trying to use it, but nothing happens... I think the problem started after the last OSX update. Do you have any newer version for the newest version of MountainLion?
I would be very grateful about any update, as I love to use your extension!

Andreas Zeuch's picture

Hi Kevin, nice extension,

Hi Kevin,

nice extension, thanks! One question: After sending my message it wasn't displayed in the Skpye protocol for instant messages...

Anonymous's picture

Hi, thanks first and

Hi, thanks first and foremost. I have been struggling to get this to work and realized why, I think. When I go to the features/address book pane, I found that I don't have any messaging capabilities. I guess this would only work with Lion. Any ideas in snow leopard? Thanks in advance for any help

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Really good extension

Really good extension thanks!

Would you be willing to write an extension to call people using Skype in addition to messaging them? I would like to be able to type "Call James" and it launch Skype, look through my address book and call James' mobile or landline. Also the ability to write "Dial 02035 76..." and it call that number using Skype. I don't know how to write the scripts for Alfred extensions, so I'm not sure if this is really complicated or not? Personally, I would be willing to buy such a script/donate to the developer if anyone were to make this. Thanks.

David's picture

Any tips of getting the

Any tips of getting the contact lookup to work with group chats? Tried entering the group chat topic as a contact in Address Book but haven't been able to get it to work.

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note: feature 2.b works most

note: feature 2.b works most times... if you have group chats that chat before you reply back, your reply may end up in that chat...

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This rocks. Thanks Kevin!

This rocks. Thanks Kevin!

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