Why Magento 2?

What makes Magento 2  the hands-down, slam-dunk

best choice for your business?

Magento 2 has amazing performance and scalability, improved upgradability, best-in-class checkout experience, along with mobile-first responsive design and a modernized admin panel.

Performance & Scalability

Compared to Magento 1, merchants can process up to 39% more orders per hour, and provides up to 51% faster guest checkout response times with Magento 2. It also delivers nearly instant response times for catalog pages, while enabling up to 66% faster add-to-cart server response times.

Checkout Experience

With Magento 2, there are only two steps to complete the checkout process. Customer’s no longer have to register to checkout, but can do so afterwards, removing barriers to conversions. In addition, shipping rates load automatically once an address is entered.

Responsive Design

Poor performance and bad user experiences on mobile devices frustrate consumers and makes them less likely to purchase from your store. Magento 2 fully embraces responsive best practices with its modern frontend architecture. It is designed in a mobile-first context, ensuring mobile users have a fast and intuitive experience.

Admin Panel

With the Magento 2, the admin dashboard is now tablet-friendly, streamlined, and easier to navigate. In addition, with Magento 1, any changes to the admin portion could only be done by a developer—now certain changes can be made without that added expense or timeframe.


Magento Inc is investing all of their development efforts on adding new features to Magento 2, not Magento 1.Meaning, if you are not on Magento 2, you will be lagging behind your competitors when it comes to new technologies.


With Magento 1, an upgrade from one version of 1.X to a higher version resulted in a large, time-consuming project. Though the jump from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is significant, upgrades from that point will be much easier, and therefore more cost-effective.

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Why Choose Classy Llama?

We are an authority on Magento 2

  • We’re one of the top non-Magento contributors of core code for Magento 2
  • Are recognized as one of the top contributors to the M2 devdocs
  • Are among the first agencies in the U.S. to be certified as a Magento 2 Trained Solutions Partner
  • Built the core Magento 2 Responsive Email System
  • Provided M2 architectural consulting to Magento Inc.
  • Built the M2 “Luma” sales demo store for Magento Inc.

If Magento trusts Classy Llama to build for them, shouldn’t you?

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