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The Challenge

Responsive design allows merchants to have one website across many devices. It’s easier to manage. It provides for a more consistent experience. There are numerous marketing and SEO advantages. Magento, a complex application with dozens of frontend pages and components, decided to include a responsive theme with the release of 1.14 and 1.9. The new responsive theme would be built from scratch on the new frontend technology stack. All of Magento’s pages and their components would need to work properly across dozens of device/browser combinations, supporting both touch and cursor input.

Project Goals

  • Using Responsive Web Design, provide the market with the best mobile and desktop experience for customers
  • Improve conversion rates for merchants
  • Update technology stack to use modern web development tools (jQuery, Sass, etc)
  • Allow merchants to implement themes more efficiently

The Solution

Out of hundreds of potential partners, Magento chose Classy Llama and Brendan Falkowski to transition their existing features into a fully-responsive theme.

The Magento Responsive Theme provides merchants with one of the most cost effective investments to responsive theme implementation. Merchants who choose the Magento Responsive Theme may save up to 50% in reduced development time, significantly reducing the cost typically required to build a responsive site from implementation to launch. Likewise, less time is required for staff to maintain a website, translating to cost efficiencies over the long term. Responsive web design (RWD) creates a more consistent brand image across different devices and browser sizes.

Classy Llama - magento responsive theme

In addition to building a robust best-in-class responsive theme, Classy Llama in collaborate with Brendan Falkowski improved a number of Magento features to ensure an enhanced user experience, including:

  • The theme is optimized for faster site speed and reduced page load time.
  • Consolidated the code to improve performance, eliminating unnecessary code
  • Updated to use more modern technology and web development tools
  • SEO advantages as Google recommends responsive design as the prefered approach to mobile optimization, thus reducing bounce rates.
  • The development of the responsive design theme was actually actually an incredible example of collaboration with Magento gold partner Classy Llama and responsive design trail blazer Brendan Falkowski... This is how Magento's ecosystem innovates. The new responsive site theme is very compelling and we are off to a very fast start.

    Mark LavelleCEO, Magento Commerce