Our Partners

In our business, there are four key players that work together to produce success: Consumers, Merchants, Agencies, and Partners. As an agency, without our Partners, we would be lost, and so would our merchants. Because they play a critical role in our ability to serve our clients, we are highly selective in choosing our partners and deliberate and intentional in how we work with them. In short, these are not lightweight partnerships.

We’ve set aside this page to honor our highly esteemed partners and to emphasize the essential value they bring to our merchants.

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Magento has been our bread-and-butter since the beginning of 2008, just months after Classy Llama was conceived. It has been our exclusive focus for seven years! The explosion of Magento, to where it is now with more than 25% market share, is not without merit. It’s highly extensible, highly flexible, incredibly robust, and its open-source infrastructure makes it an amazing foundation upon which to build a successful eCommerce business. And the ecosystem around it offers the necessary services and software for eCommerce merchants of all sizes to find the support and expertise they need to maintain and grow their businesses.

Everyone knows about PayPal. They’re huge. But that’s not why we partnered with them. We love that PayPal is still innovative and forward-thinking despite being so large. And if there’s one thing that needs rapid innovation, it’s the payment industry. We’ve had the pleasure of helping PayPal build out their innovative vision and they have helped many of our merchants accept payments faster and more cost-effectively than they could otherwise, and in many cases, it’s head-and-shoulders better. If you’re operating your eCommerce business on Magento, you should at least evaluate PayPal as a payments solution, as we’ve found it’s the right fit for our merchants at least 90% of the time. We appreciate how PayPal provides easy and secure payment solutions that we can offer our clients. They provide extremely advanced solutions that can be very challenging to obtain through other vendors. We partnered with PayPal to help build the Magento Credit Card Tokenization extension which gives merchants the ability to recall payment information so their customers don’t have to enter it every time they want to make a purchase.

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Nexcess Magento Hosting

Nexcess is awesome. We have been partners with Nexcess nearly as long as we’ve been partners with Magento, and through the years, we have seen a consistent commitment to excellence in their core services and support, which is why we’ve remained loyal to them for so long. Their business has grown crazy fast, not because of exceptional marketing campaigns, but because word spreads quickly about great service. Nexcess delivers web hosting for individuals and businesses focusing on eCommerce, blogging, and content management. They also provide data center colocation services.Their Magento SIP (Secure Isolated Platform) Plans provide a highly stable, secure, and scalable out-of-the-box Magento hosting solution. Each SIP is an entirely self-contained and fine-tuned Magento hosting environment.Because of their focus on Magento optimization, merchants frequently save money because quality performance is achieved with less hosting power. Due to long our standing relationship, we share a mutual trust and work as an efficient team, giving us more flexibility and access when working in their systems.

There are a few companies that dominate the Magento extension market, and aheadWorks is one of them. We can always assume their extensions will work and do not have to confirm on our own before implementing. Their extensions are also very reasonably priced, offering tens of thousands of dollars worth of development for hundreds or less. As an agency, they make us look very good because when a client asks for a feature, we often hear ourselves saying, “Yeah, there’s an extension that does that,” and 90% of the time, it comes from one of these two leading shops. Magento owes a depth of gratitude to these two members of the ecosystem and so do we. Everything we said above about aheadWorks, we’ll just say “Ditto” about WebShopApps. With over 40 extensions, WebShopApps has focused its efforts in the area of streamlining shipping, and we definitely consider them the shipping extension experts. It seems that no matter how complex our clients’ shipping challenges are, WebShopApps shipping extensions rise to the occasion. We offer our heartfelt thanks to their team for making it so much easier to serve our clients well.

Fraud has become a real and present danger for even small merchants. It seems that as eCommerce has gotten more sophisticated in supporting smaller merchants that the digital thief community has kept pace. Kount is like a preventative detective, like on “Minority Report”, giving you the ability to stop the theft before it happens. That makes them sound about as cool as they really are. We’ve seen great results with Kount and our clients, so we made it a staple recommendation.

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Anyone who runs an online store knows that sales tax can be, well, taxing. Rates, rules, boundaries, exemptions, and the like are all enough to put a damper on even the brightest day. Enter the hero in this story, our knight in shining armor—Avalara. Thousands of merchants outsource and automate sales tax on their Magento storefronts with Avalara’s help. We recommend their services to many of our clients and even teamed up with them to bring their popular Avatax extension to Magento 2.

Nucleus Commerce is an eCommerce merchant’s best friend. That fancy widget you saw on your competitor’s site? That feature you’ve been hoping and praying for that would save you hours each week? Nucleus is the way to go. Nucleus empowers SMB merchants in eCommerce. Their extensions and tools bring innovation and excellence without expensive custom development.

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