Our Process

The quality of the process is as important as the quality of the people.

Classy Llama Agile Methodology Chart

A good process is key to success and is often overlooked in the vetting of potential partners. Efficient and effective processes are one the greatest keys to Classy Llama’s success. Over more than eight years and hundreds of projects, we’ve refined and perfected what we call our “Foundation First” philosophy. Simply stated, Foundation First means meeting our clients where they are in the life cycle of their business. No one-size-fits-all solutions, no package deals, and no cookie-cutter sites. We work with our clients to develop a site that meets their needs for today. Then we work together to make improvements over time based on the changing needs of their growing business as ROI permits through the Agile method.

Site Builds & Projects
  • When Merchants first contact us, we know they’re looking for more than a developer; they’re looking for a long-term partner. That’s what we’re looking for too, and our first step is to set up a call to explore how we can best work together.
  • Our Business Analysts enjoy talking with merchants about their needs. On our first call together we’ll want to hear all about your business objectives, pain points, and requirements for their new online store.
  • Once we fully understand your goals and requirements, we’ll develop a proposal which outlines our vision for how we can provide an online store that will be the foundation for future success. We’ll discuss the proposal together to make sure we’ve got it right. At this point, nothing’s more important to us than “getting it.”
  • As soon as scope, budget, and timeline are aligned, the Llamas will be eager to get the project underway. When the paperwork is wrapped up, our merchant partner will meet their dedicated project team on a kick-off call. The team includes a Project Manager, Account Manager, and Technical Project Lead (who will be Magento Certified).
  • Classy Llama utilizes the Agile method. The goal of Agile project management is to work in a highly collaborative environment which focuses on the most important parts of the project throughout the entire timeline. Agile promotes project velocity, minimizes miscommunication, allows adaptive change, increases productivity, and provides frequent reviews of progress.
  • At the onset of the project, a resource plan is provided to stakeholders. Weekly reports are given to show how the project is running against the planned timeline and budget.
  • Before the stakeholders know it, your new Magento site is launched allowing their customer to experience an updated world-class shopping experience!
  • After the launch, we will work to find the best support option for your new Magento site and set new goals and objectives for iterative improvement.
Flex Retainers
  • First, we begin with understanding your current situation along with long-term goals to provide support tailored to your needs.
  • A consultant will spend time with you discussing the priority projects and needs you have. From there, we will develop a pipeline for these items and help find the right number of hours per month to get things done.
  • Once we are ready to get started, you will be assigned a dedicated team and a kick-off call will be scheduled to introduce you to your team and review priorities together.
  • Your code will then be set up in our Git Repository to ensure all code is handled in a secure environment.
  • Your dedicated Project Manager will personally train you in using our project management software system.
  • You remain in control of your tasks, goals, and projects based upon Agile Methodology
  • We’ll provide ongoing quarterly planning sessions to help determine, refine, and measure ongoing success and goals. A business analyst can be brought in at any time to assist in the scoping of new projects or to assist in recommending best practices and industry standards.  
  • After 60 days, we’ll have an evaluation of your quantity of hours and the general relationship and you can adjust your retainer accordingly.
User Experience Optimization and Testing
  • We start things off by having an expert from our team review the analytics data for your Magento website
  • We will document our findings and create a list of easy “win” items as well as areas where we see opportunity for improvement and where testing will be most helpful
  • After reviewing these findings with you, we will prioritize the items that will be addressed first using our Agile Methodology.
  • Then, we’ll create a roadmap for testing and/or development
  • Depending on your needs and the objectives, we will conduct A/B, Multivariate, or multi-page testing in conjunction with Optimizely.
  • After gaining an effective sample size, we will analyze the results and implement the winner based on your conversion goals.
  • Throughout the project, you will have access our User Experience team that is made up of expert designers, strategists and developers.
  • Generating a consistent, steady stream of traffic to your site is the lifeblood of your eCommerce business. We work to help you find the best sources of buyers for your business. Then we craft a plan to attract those buyers to your site.
  • It all starts with understanding your current opportunities and market place. What marketing activities are working now? What growth opportunities are staring you in the face?  Where are you currently missing traffic? What low-hanging fruit can we grab to grow traffic in the short term? How can we build long-term, sustained growth?
  • We start with strategy and layer in powerful marketing tactics.  Your product, brand, and market will dictate our approach. We start with identifying your ideal customer.  Where are they spending time online? What are their search patterns? How do they use social media and video?  
  • Once we understand your ideal customer, we scope out the competition. What is your competition doing well? What areas of weakness can we exploit? Where can we find quick wins and build for long-term wins?
  • Now it’s time to layer in marketing tactics. Our seasoned team will craft the right SEO, Paid Search, Google Shopping, Comparison Shopping Engine, Affiliate Marketing, or Social Ad campaign to meet your objectives.
  • After we agree on a strategy and tactics, we build out a customized reporting dashboard for you and get to work.  
  • We will meet with you monthly (at least) to review progress, discuss goals, and plan for improving performance.
  • You will have access to a reporting dashboard that shows key metrics between calls so you always know how your campaigns are performing.
  • As your campaigns grow, we will always be assessing what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next.
Llama Desk
  • Llama Desk is our pay as you go support option that gives any Community or Enterprise Magento client access to quality support when they need it. There’s no need to commit to a certain number of hours per month since prepayment is not required until a ticket is submitted.
  • After signing up for Llama Desk, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to get started and reminders on how the service works.
  • Once you’re ready for our experienced Magento developers to get to work, you can submit your first ticket via email. In this initial contact you can also request an estimate and/or set a time limit if you want to.
  • After submitting your first ticket, your credit card is charged for the first prepaid block of $750 and you will receive access to the Llama Desk ticketing system where you can view tickets or submit new ones. Unless you request otherwise, your credit card will be charged each time the balance hits $0 so we can continue to work on their tickets without delay.
  • An invoice email will be sent immediately after each charge is made and instructions are provided on how to view existing versus used hours at any time.
  • After submitting a ticket, a developer will respond within 8 business hours letting you know we received your request and we’ll work on it as soon as we get to it in our first-come, first-serve queue. Our goal is to close tickets out within two weeks and faster whenever possible. If any request is urgent, we do have immediate support available during our business hours for a higher hourly rate.
  • On your first ticket that requires changes to their codebase (meaning it is more than a question or training session), we’ll provide you with details on our codebase setup and ask you to approve the one time fee associated with that. If you have an existing workflow and want to opt out of the codebase setup process, we can talk about our alternative patching solution.
  • Once the codebase setup is complete, we’ll be ready to start working on your ticket and any ticket submitted in the future.
  • All tickets are first reviewed by the Level 1 team. Any work performed by the Level 1 team (Magento Admin questions, Magento Admin training or basic frontend changes) is billed at $75 per hour. If the Level 1 team is not able to assist, the Level 2 team will take the ticket and time is billed at $150 per hour for their services which include custom frontend and backend development, extension installation, patch application, bug fixes, and more.
  • We’ll provide an update once we get started on the ticket and also update you once we’ve deployed the request to your site so that they can test. If there are minor changes to be made, we’ll request details on what isn’t working as expected and get that knocked out as quickly as possible. If everything is good to go, we’ll close the ticket out and will be ready to support you with your next request whenever that may be.
  • Any unused amount remaining in your prepaid balance is good for 12 months.